Tanuki Izakaya: U-District Must-Try

Instagram: @tanukiseattle

Phone: (206) 708-6852

Address: 5266 University Way NE

Seattle WA 98105

Japanese Izakaya is a type of informal Japanese bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks. Izakaya is a casual place for after-work drinking, similar to a British or Irish pub, Spanish tapas bar, and American saloon and tavern. As the sun goes down and the roar of another bustling day begins to soften, the comfort of drink and freshly prepared food is only the start of a magical night before another day of work. Tanuki Izakaya is a safe place, where you can forget about the daily grind and relax. 

You can’t find something better than a carafe of hot sake during Seattle’s wintry weather, it will not only warm you up but also get you prepared for the phenomenon food. The hot Hojicha tea and the house special yuzu tea are other great options for the one who doesn’t want alcohol. Skewers and all the fried dishes are perfect for sharing with your friends. Most importantly, don’t forget to order their sashimi, the freshest ingredients combined with 15 years+ knife skills will never turn you down.  

Chef Dylan was the former line chef of New York’s top Michelin restaurant ‘Masa’. He traveled across China, Japan, New York and now bringing his diverse background and passion into Tanuki. combining the quality of high-end gourmet and the simplicity of fusion food culture to create a new form of Izakaya experience. Chef Dylan loves to share all his knowledge about food and drinks with customers and always seeks food advice and new ideas about food. When the restaurant slows down a little bit, don’t be afraid to tell the server you enjoy the food and want to meet the chef. You will be surprised how nice and approachable he is!!! 

Written by Chauncey L.