MFTE Program

Seattle MFTE - Program 5

Ori Residential, Inc. provides rental housing to qualified residents without regard to Race, color, ancestry, sex, disability, creed, religion, age, retaliation, alternative sources of income, national origin, marital status, political ideology, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, use of a service animal, use of a Housing Choice Voucher or other subsidy programs, military status or veteran, criminal history, and citizenship and immigration status.

All housing is provided within the guidelines established by federal, state, and local laws regulating the multifamily housing industry.

Application Process and General Requirements:

1. A valid driver's license or government-issued ID is required.
2. Monthly gross income must be equal to 2 times the monthly rent, or a bank statement must be provided under the tenant's name, proving the ability to pay rent for at least 6 months. If more than one applicant is applying, the gross income will be combined.
3. Any person over 18 years of age residing in the apartment must apply.
4. Each person applying must pay a non-refundable application fee.
5. Further documentation may be required based on screening results.

Income Requirements & Application Process

In order to qualify for an MFTE unit, household income must be below 65% of the area median income for a studio, 75% of the area median income for a 1 bedroom and below 85% for a 2 bedroom. The minimum income we require is twice the MFTE rent per month.
*Any group of individuals leasing a unit together (1 unit & 1 lease) would be a household.
1 Person
2 Persons
3 Persons
4 Persons
5 Persons
/mo rent/yr

65% of AMI for a 1-person household


65% of AMI for a 2-person household


65% of AMI for a 3-person household


65% of AMI for a 4-person household


65% of AMI for a 5-person household

1BR & TH
/mo rent/yr

75% of AMI of a 1-person household


75% of AMI of a 2-person household


75% of AMI of a 3-person household


75% of AMI of a 4-person household


75% of AMI of a 5-person household

/mo rent/yr

85% of AMI of a 1-person household


85% of AMI of a 2-person household


85% of AMI of a 3-person household


85% of AMI of a 4-person household


85% of AMI of a 5-person household

1. Every applicant must complete the Income Declaration (ID) (You can use Adobe Doc & Sign to complete the form). Once you have completed that form, you will then fill out the forms below that apply to you. Please send a completed packet of the forms below (Only fill out the form if it applies to you) to each property’s email.

(Ori Stone Way Apartments: stoneway@oriapts.comPivot Apartments: pivot@oriapts.comRoystone Apartments:; Mysa Apartments:; Niwa Apartments:

2. Once we review all the documents, the Property Manager will schedule an in-person meeting to verify the documents, sign the lease and Lease Rider, pay the $100 holding deposit, and activate the tenant portal with you.

*Please note that all tenants will be provided with Renter’s Insurance ($100,000 Liability Coverage) and that the utilities will be included in the rent. If you have any other questions, please reference this Renter’s Guide.

Utilities and Required Charges for MFTE Tenants

As an MFTE (Multifamily Tax Exemption) tenant, the lease agreement included certain provisions regarding utilities and required charges. Please find below a clear statement outlining the responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant:

  1. Utilities: MFTE tenants are not responsible for payment of any required utilities, including electricity, water, sewer, and solid waste. These utilities are covered by the landlord as part of the MFTE program.
  2. Renter’s Insurance: MFTE tenants are not required to obtain separate renter’s insurance coverage that is required by the building.

It is important to note that the responsibilities mentioned above are specific to MFTE tenants and may differ from the terms applicable to non-MFTE units in the building.